A View from the Development Office

It is August and the summer holidays are in full swing, so you might think that School is peaceful with just the footsteps of a few echoing down the corridors. . Sadly not! We have been playing host to teams of jovial workmen as they update and improve the main School entrance and the fire alarm system helping to ensure the safety of pupils and improve the kitchen facilities to nourish hungry hoards of teenagers fresh from School activities!

Here in the Development Office, in an attempt to dodge the piles of rubble and rolling paint cans [they are not really rolling], Laura and I have been hard at work talking to Bursary Fund supporters and finalising our program of events for the next 12 months. The Bursary Fund is going from strength to strength with School receiving a Legacy bequest just last week. This brings the total raised for means-tested Bursaries at the School to £2.1million: Fantastic news!

We are genuinely excited by the Alumnae events coming up. Look out for the first careers networking event in central London in October. Not to be missed, we can't wait to hear from 3 Alumnae in Law, Finance and Communications about their fields and the issues we should all be thinking about as Alumnae planning our own careers. This will be followed by the chance to meet other alumnae in similar industries.

This is my first real attempt at ‘blogging' and I am looking forward to bringing you more treats from the Development Office: watch this space!

Clare Flynn, Alumna, Development Director