Weekend at Winmarleigh

Reports by the Junior School girls who spent the weekend of the 4th-6th Feb at Winmarleigh Hall.

Winmarleigh Hall

From directing a robot, to reaching the target on the climbing wall, Upper II had a fabulous time at Winmarleigh Hall. Winmarleigh Hall is one of the PGL centres, in North West England.

I asked Rosie and Claudia how they found Winmarleigh Hall. Claudia commented, “The overall experience was amazing, I will never forget our trip!” and Rosie said, “A great way to end our exams!”

There were over ten activities including the sensory trail, which is when your sight is taken away and you have to follow a piece of rope, through obstacles (tyres, water) and over obstacles (planks of wood), and the Disco which I gave eight out of ten. The food was very inviting, including vegetarian and halal options. The dinner menu on Saturday was toad in the hole, vegetable hotpot with sides and a jam doughnut; I liked how they had a salad bar and a soup of the day with your lunch. Even though the weather was rain, more rain, and even more rain we still had fun.

Our groupie was Sarah, who was lovely, kind and cheerful and she taught us repeat after me songs: “There was a moose,
Who liked to drink a lot of juice!”

If you ever visit Winmarleigh Hall remember to bring waterproofs because you’re bound to become wet and muddy.

By Zoe, Upper II

Winmarleigh Feb 2011

Smiling Through the Rain!

Upper II’s Trip to Winmarleigh Hall

On February 4th Upper II went on a trip to Winmarleigh Hall and had an outstanding time. From jumping into mud to controlling a robot, everybody had so much fun working as a team and facing many fears.

The aggressive wind and showers of rain did not deter Upper II from posing on the zip wire or speeding on the quad bike.

Upper II all warmed up their voices for the Joseph production by singing a momentous number of songs.

Upper II brought a mountain of sweets but they still needed to use the vending machine!

An hour and a half was still not enough time to get ready for the disco, where we danced and sang the night away.

Some people found it hard to get the quad bike going, where as Chantelle was a demon on the quad bike with a crash straight into the tyres at the end.

Overall it was an amazing experience and everyone thoroughly enjoyed it!

By Maya, Upper II 

Weekend at Winmarleigh
All ready for the Disco!

Upper II’s Trip to Winmarleigh Hall

Cold, wet, muddy… but fun! Upper II stepped out of their comfort zones and plunged into the muddy depths of Winmarleigh Hall. From programming robots, to zooming down the zip wire, Winmarleigh Hall had plenty of activities to keep us busy.

“For me, Giant Swing was the best experience ever!” babbled a thrilled Tamara as she leapt excitedly off the sling she was strapped into. “When I dropped it felt like I was going to die!”

Many girls had to face their fears, including heights and mud! There were plenty of oppurtunities to do this, including Team Challenge and Sensory Trail. “The worst bit was getting blindfolded,” said a wet, muddy Elisha as she crawled under the last obstacle on Team Challenge. “It was very claustrophobic, but it was still great fun.”

The food was delicious, and warmed us up when we were cold. The rooms were really cosy, and the beds were comfortable. Everyone was really sad to leave, as it had been a thoroughly enjoyable time.

By Hemma, Upper II