Farewell to Poet David Horner

David Horner, the Junior School's favourite poet, came for a two-day series of workshops with each of the Junior year groups.

 David Horner

From his introductory Assembly to the final farewell ‘get together', he constantly inspired the girls to produce amazingly creative poems in his very own inimitable style!

The Transitioners went to the moon; Form I produced ‘can't poems' and colour riddles; Lower II took on surrealism and Upper II did ‘twice upon a time … ‘ Great fun was had by all and, in between periods of busyness, there was lots of laughter.

Sadly, because he is retiring this year, this was David's last visit to Withington. Thank you, David, for the many years of enjoyable and hilarious days you have shared with us and we wish you health and happiness in the future.

DAvid Horner