Withington Alumna meets Jesse Jackson

Alumna Rebecca usden meets Jesse JacksonWithington Alumna Rebecca Usden was in the presence of a Civil Rights legend recently, when she was part of a delegation playing host to the Rev. Jesse Jackson as he spoke at the Cambridge Union.

Rebecca, who left School in 2009 to study Social and Political Science at Murray Edwards College, Cambridge, was one of a group of students responsible for escorting Rev. Jackson during his visit. Rebecca and her friend accompanied their esteemed guest on a trip to the American WWII cemetery during the afternoon before his speech [pictured]. 

Rebecca wrote to School to tell us of her "amazing experience", describing Rev. Jackson as having a "formidable presence" and as being keen to get to know his student escorts.  When learning that Rebecca haled from Manchester, he responded that whilst London may be the country's capital, Manchester is its soul, a sentiment we're sure all Withingtonian's would agree with!