Winmarleigh Hall 2010

By Upper II pupils

PGL Winmarleigh Hall is a great fun-packed activity centre with an exciting challenge at every turn. Each minute flies by without you knowing, since you are having so much fun. There are activities like the giant swing or the climbing wall or even zip wire that helps you conquer your fear of heights or the team challenge which helps you improve your teamwork skills. The staff are friendly and encouraging and help to get you where you are meant to be whether you are lost or trying to accomplish a task. The quad bikes were great and were probably a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Just the same with the giant swing – though you feel like you left your stomach behind on the first swing (!), you enjoy the rest of the way. After you have fitted your harness on the zip wire, you never want to leave the platform but once you were off, you loved it. All of these activities were great and so was the food and we can't wait till our next activity trip! By A Hariprasad

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In Winmarleigh everyone had a great time. My favourite part was when I finally managed to get round the quad bike track without bashing into the tyre wall. I watched everyone zoom round the track while I crashed into the tyre walls and kept stopping when I was not supposed to. When I finally got round the track without crashing I was so proud of myself. It was brilliant. I also enjoyed beating the boys from other schools in a game of ambush, which is a massive game of hide and seek but you only had 15 minutes to search the whole campus for the group hiding. It was amazing. I can't wait to go to another trip like this one.

One of the activities was Low Ropes, where you held onto a rope to keep yourself stable while walking on a tightrope low to the ground. It was great. We kept on falling off and tried to get back on and reach the end. It was hard, but fun.
The Giant Swing was when you got into a chair and wait for your team mates to pull you up to the top of the frame. Your heart pounds heavily as you reach out to pull a cord that releases you from the frame and you sit there and wait and scream for a split second until you fly through the air, like a pendulum, it is an exhilarating experience.
These are not the only activities that we did. Everything was fun, including Animation, Team Challenge, Zip Wire and Climbing. The food was delicious. There was a wide variety of choices on the menu and everyone had something that they liked.

We all loved it and now we cannot wait to go on our next great activity adventure.  By A Jacobson

PGL (Peter Gordon Laurence) Winmarleigh Hall is fun, creative and an experience of your lifetime. All the staff are friendly and helpful.

The Giant Swing was scary but extremely exciting. It is basically a park swing but bigger! The Zip Wire is petrifying on the way up, but it is just a breeze when you let your feet of the platform and jump into the air.

They have a wide range of high and low activities. The low ropes require lots of concentration and skill. All the challenges will give you experience for the future. If you have a fear of heights they will most definitely be conquered. There is no chance getting away without mud on your clothes! The food is superb and at a high standard.

Initiative Exercises was a maze of puzzles and challenges, which were complex to solve! The climbing at PGL Winmarleigh Hall was a complex piece of equipment. Not many people got to the top, but that was half the fun.

There was only one activity where we were inside and that was animation. It is where we made films out of Lego people. I think everybody was glad to be out of the mud!

I would give PGL Winmarleigh Hall 9/10 and would certainly recommend to everybody who likes adventure. By A Adlington