Senior School Carol Concert 2009

The Senior School Carol Concert on Tuesday 15th December was a joyous celebration of Christmas. More than 150 pupils took part in a programme that included both the Middle and Senior School Orchestras; Third Form and Senior Choirs; Woodwind Orchestra; instrumental and voice soloists; poetry readings and, of course, the audience.

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The Christmas tree costumes worn by Transition the night before were given a second outing by Sixth Form pupils, injecting a very healthy dose of fun and laughter and proving that one size really can fit all.

Joy was the pervading theme of the evening but it also showcased the breadth and depth of the girls' musical talent. The Middle School Orchestra this year is bigger than ever and earned particular praise from Mrs Sargent for their commitment and enthusiasm. Mrs Sargent also emphasised that orchestra is open to all pupils regardless of the level they had reached on their particular instrument – only commitment is required and a part is written for each girl to fit her ability.

The concert closed with the entire company and the audience singing the Twelve Days of Christmas with actions.