GCSE Drama: Play in a Week

Saturday 17th October saw two performances of Medea by the Lower Fifth Drama students in the Drama Studio. We were pleased to welcome Paul Warwick back to Withington for the fourth of our 'play in a week' collaborations.

Attempting to make and perform a Greek tragedy in just one week is no small undertaking, but the condensed rehearsal process of this week has allowed the girls to work intensively, to focus closely on the world of the play and to generate a real sense of urgency and excitement.

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Head of Drama, Mrs Baylis, said: "This particular company have excelled themselves, and my high expectations, with the way in which they have engaged with the difficult plot of Medea."

Not Medea in its entirety, the play was the company's attempt to 'reply' to the questions posed by the play. Every line, action and piece of music in the performance was made or selected by the group and not only captured the essence of the original text but also the voices of the 16 exceptionally talented young theatre makers.