Strawberry Serenade

On Tuesday 30th June the Junior Girls showcased their musical and dramatic talents to a packed Arts Centre. The first half featured a musical extravaganza which included the choir, all the ensembles and the orchestra. This was rounded off by a rousing song by the whole Junior School called Cats and Mice where the younger two Forms as mice tried to out-sing the older Forms who played the cats. In the interval Mrs Cartledge again provided us with the delicious and now traditional fruit punch and Stawberry Scones.

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The second half was, with a few apologies to the great Bard himself, our own version of A Midsummer Nights Dream. From the opening song the girls captivated the audience who became fully engaged in the story. All the Juniors took part with the Upper II girls playing the main roles, which they did to perfection. Even those who had seen or read the play many times before could not believe how much they enjoyed the show and just how much laughter there was!

A great evening's entertainment was had by all. Thank you to all the music staff for their continued hard work to make such events possible and a special thank you to Miss Sarah Davies who adapted and directed the play.