Strictly Come Dancing 2009

A dozen members of staff tripped the light fantastic with their own version of Strictly Come Dancing to help raise funds for this Summer's World Challenge expedition to Mongolia.

With 400 girls cheering from the sidelines in the Arts Centre, the 6 brave couples took to the floor to dance Paso Doble, American Smooth and Freestyle routines they had been practising for the preceding six weeks.

Mrs Pickering led a panel of 3 eagle-eyed judges who judged Head of Drama, Mrs Jen Baylis, and Head of Religious Studies, Mr Vincent Sharples, winners for their American Smooth routine.

Providing very strong competition were:

Mrs Julie Healey and Mr Andrew Snowden – American Smooth
Mr Andy Lockett and Mrs Elizabeth Robinson; Mr Chris Keenan and Miss Rebecca Ward – Freestyle
Miss Clare Flynn and Mr Kal Hodgson; Miss Bernie O'Neal and Mr James Vernon – Paso Doble

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The lunchtime event raised more than £900. Fourteen girls from the Lower Sixth and one from Upper Fifth, led by Geography teacher Miss Kaeren Browning, will depart on July 3rd. She explained: "The challenge team organised Strictly to raise money to fund the community phase of the expedition, which will involve the resourcing of an orphanage in the Mongolian capital, Ulan Bator."

The girls will also spend ten days trekking across Mongolia's semi-desert plains on horseback.