Junior Trip to Winmarleigh Hall

Upper II report on their trip to Winmarleigh Hall

We went away to Winmarleigh Hall for the weekend at the beginning of February. There were twenty-four of us as well as Mrs Burrows and Miss Davies. It was a short journey to get there and we were all buzzing with excitement.

After we had been given a tour and settled into our rooms, (bed making was fun!) we were divided into two activity groups, the Kangaroos and the Jackdaws. The first great experience was at the Quad Bikes where some of us learnt how to steer and our thumbs hurt from pressing the throttle! Included in the weekend was an ICT experience using animations. We used Lego and a web cam to create pictures and make our own movies.

Winmarleigh Hall 

There was a delicious dinner followed by one of our favourite events, Night-line. We had to work as a team helping each other over a very muddy course in the woods. Hot chocolate was certainly needed afterwards.

On Saturday we had the Zip Wire and amazingly all twenty-four of us took the plunge, sometimes with a lot noise!

Other activities included the low ropes, Team Challenge, Climbing and Archery and the amazing All Aboard. This is where we had to climb a thin pole and stand on a tiny board at the top. Three of us were supposed to be up there at a time. Not all of us made it to the top on this one.

On Saturday night we had the DISCO, which was very loud and great fun. We were all tired after our exertions, but that night the fire alarm went off three times!

It was a fantastic trip, with great food super weather and all our friends. An experience we’ll never forget.