2008 Withington Onwards Travel Award Winners

Following the Withington Onwards (formerly Senior Club) Millennium Reunion, a Withington Onwards Travel Award Fund was established. Each year, members of the Upper Sixth are invited to submit written applications for an award of up to £100 towards Gap year travels incorporating work for the benefit of others.

We have 2 winners of the 2008 Withington OnwardsTravel Award and we extend our congratulations to Rosy Cousins and Melissa Hussey.

Rosy Cousins ('08)

Rosy  will receive £100 towards a BSES ( British Schools Exploring Society) expedition to the Antartica from November2008 to January 2009, following which she will present a report at The Royal Geographical Society. Thereafter she will travel to New Zealand observing volcanic and glacial features.

Melissa Hussey ('08)

Melissa Hussey will receive £50 towards a trip she is planning to South Africa. She hopes to travel independently with the i-to-i Meaningful Travel Company to work in a Red Cross Children's Hospital just outside Cape Town.


Congratulations to Rosy and Melissa, both of whom have chosen such worthwhile projects. We wish them every success in their respective ventures and look forward to hearing about their experiences when they return.