Save the Children

A lady called Frances Seth, a volunteer from Save the Children, came to our assembly to talk about her trip to Niger and the work that the charity does. It was extremely touching as she showed us clips of young children who were being treated at a clinic for malaria and malnutrition. They could tell whether a child was undernourished as volunteers from the villages had colour coded measuring tapes which they put around the child's arm. If the tape showed red the child was severely affected by malnutrition. It was really upsetting as children as young as eight months are affected by this.

In this country we take food for granted, but children in Niger don't have anything like as much as we do. Ladies from the villages travel long distances to wells to pull up water but it is difficult and takes four people to do it when all we have to do is turn on a tap. It was an excellent presentation and opened our eyes to problems other children faced. We all realised how fortunate we were.

By Upper II pupils