Minimus Training Day at Withington

The most exciting visitor for the Classics Department came to Withington on Saturday 15th March 2008: Barbara Bell, the inspirational author of the Minimus series of books which succeed most definitely in their aim to make Latin learning fun, arrived to host a Training Day.

It was the first such event in the North West and was well attended by a huge variety of adults who wanted to know more about learning Latin with the mouse who lives on Hadrian's Wall. The course has so much to offer children as well as adults at any stage of their education. Barbara understands the fascination of Latin learning and how to involve a huge range of interests, so it was a great pleasure and privilege to host the day and listen to a most successful author describe the many advantages and possibilities open to any reader.

Visitors to the school included primary school teachers, home tutors, recently retired people seeking a new challenge as well as Jennifer Martin, who runs a Minimus School Club, and supplied numerous additional practical ideas. The course is especially commended for the Gifted and Talented cohort of any primary school.

Minimus - the mouse that made Latin cool!
Minimus – the mouse that made Latin cool!