Juniors celebrate Chinese New Year

The Manchester Chinese Centre visited the Junior School complete with a Chinese dragon in tow. The girls enjoyed sharing the Chinese tradition of parading with the dragon accompanied by the beat of the Chinese drums.

Chinese New Year 

After the celebrations the girls were asked to use the event as the inspiration to write a poem. The girls came up with some very evocative imagery of which there is a selection below.

– –

Chinese New Year
Is finally here
You can see the dragon's head
Is blazing red

It's a huge festival
Better than carnival
The dragon is burling
And his tail unfurling

Banners are unfurling
Ribbons are twirling
Chinese New Year
Is finally here

– –
The dragon is dancing
Swishing its tail
Digging into the ground
Flashing its nails

Following the pearl
With its beady eyes
For this night is Chinese New Year


– –

A dragon swirling in the night
Making people hide in fright
Drummers playing out loud
The dragon dancing very proud

Crackers banging all night long
People dancing, singing songs
A dragon swirling in the night
Making people hide in fright.

– –

The Chinese Dragon
Silver, red and gold
Beware of this beast
You have been told!
A crack, a thunder of stamping feet
People laughing, singing and cheering
The bloodthirsty beast has gone